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With the announcement of neovim v0.9.0 I've been updating my neovim configuration. The last time I updated my neovim configuration -- beyond adding or removing plugins -- was when v0.5.0 launched. I'm sure there are a lot of things I'm doing inside my neovim configuration that no longer make as much sense. Inevitably I started trying to find other neovim configurations to figure out how people were building theirs. I could have started with one of the major preconfigured-configuration but ultimately felt like that would have been much harder to read because of the amount of production code related to making it widely available.

Eventually I started asking myself:

Where can I find some neovim config references in order to help me learn new ways of loading my settings?

That's when I came up with the idea of having a section in neovimcraft specifically for finding neovim configurations, dotfiles, etc.

So with that I'd like to announce a new section on neovimcraft specifically for browsing neovim configurations!

I went through some popular topics on github and then sent it through the same pipeline I created for the neovim plugins search.

This is just the beginning and I encourage anyone to submit their own configurations.

I'd also love to receive feedback on its utility.

One thing that doesn't quite make as much sense is sorting by github stars. It worked great for neovim plugins because people want to pull in neovim plugins that hit a certain level of popularity as a proxy for quality, but it doesn't quite make as much sense for learning how to write a better neovim config for personal use.

Anyway, I hope others find this useful!

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